f4 Design focuses on good design that is simple and easy to use. We know that the way you present yourself is important, and we want you to look your best. That is why we spend hours with a detail oriented approach to every design.

f4 Design is a California based design firm, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We have helped many start-ups get up and going and we have done some awesome re-designs of existing sites. Although we would love to help, we know that we are not perfect for every client and every client isn’t always a fit with us.

Our philosophy is to build a long lasting relationship. One that you can trust and know is always there when you need us. Our prices are targeted for the small business, although we have also built sites for corporations and non-profits.

We at f4 Design believe that reasonable prices are two fold. A price to cheap will push the value of the designers work until it is worth nothing. A price to high puts too many non-designer made sites, and well, lets just say that makes for a little chunky internet. So we try to keep it balanced, right in the middle.

We bill on both project or hourly based, whatever will fit the project best. We work with you on flexible payment schedules, and accurate time tracking. So don’t let the prices of other designers scare you. Contact us and we can talk about your project.